Wednesday, January 16, 2013

inspirations, taste of music.

i met a friend, he plays rock music. okay, i just met for a few days. but he gives me some inspirations of  music. actually, i am not that into rock music. i know this is so strange! everyone is crazy about rock music, we can see people die for rock music.

in the history, rock music always leads the world. in 60's rock music led the whole world, the influence on fashion, culture and lifestyle is huge. nowadays, it seems that rock music rocks Hong Kong again. in these few years, people like to listen band music again, MR., Rubberband, Kolor and so on.

And the series of TVB, "When Heaven Burns" (天與地), publicize the Rock and Roll spirit. Hong Kong started to reflect their life, even me. and this is just because of a song "年少無知“; a simple lyric, "如果命運能選擇".

i love music that gives me inspirations, it's hard to explain what kind of inspirations they are. they just give energy, and a new vision. there are some singers inspired me a lot. today, i would like to share with you. they are Faye Wong(王菲), Cheer Chen (陳綺貞), Dessert Xuan (張懸), Coldplay and the Florence + the Machine xoxo p.


  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  2. Great selection! Have you heard of Yoyo Sham? She's an amazing Taiwanese artist who's a favourite of Eason Chan. She's got a great blues and jazz vibe to her... Check her out :D

    1. Yes I know her. She is the backup vocal in eason's concert

  3. Music and fashion always are great together. They represent so much that we think or could be thinking about