Monday, January 14, 2013

Crazy Hat!

Winter is a good season to wear hats because you don't need to suffer from sticky hair. i like round hats. actually, i don't know much about hats, i only concern about the appearance. unfortunately, i don't look very nice on putting a hat on. i hope i can wear different kinds of hats everyday. i think this is good to wear hats. sometimes, we don't need to spend so much time on styling the hair in morning. and also, a simple hat can style up your clothes!

每到冬天就很想戴帽子,因為頭髮不會變得油膩。我喜歡一些較圓的帽子,不過我對帽子沒太多研究,是會分好看或不好看。可惜我戴帽子不是很好看,有時候會希望自己的面形會適合戴帽子。其實戴帽子也梃好,有時候早上趕忙時戴一頂冷帽子就可減省了洗頭的時間; 有時候一頂簡單的帽子也能把整個造型提升!

xoxo p.

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