Sunday, February 10, 2013

my style icon, Olsen Twins

they are the legend, they represent the American Dream. 

they stepped into hollywood at only 4-year-old. they are the youngest rich children in hollywood. they created their own style, and build their own way. i think they are really clever and talented. they know how to make money and do their own business. they owed three fashion brands including The Row, Elizabeth & James, and Olsenboye. their incredible talent in fashion made them appearing on the Forbes "Celebrity 100" list.

the Olsens are my role model in life, the successful is all i ever wanted so badly. besides, the style is awesome. i like the way they dress, especially the "homeless" look. they always wear oversized tops, loose sweaters, flowing skirts and so on. they know how to mix with high-end and low-end pieces. this style is signatured. this is a really great style for asians because they told us how to look great with a  short body.

but sorry, i still can't recognize them. they are so alike!


btw i love The Row backpack!

xoxo p.


  1. Love the olsens, their style is amazing and they are so pretty

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  2. They truly are fashion icons. They have individual style that sets trends. One cannot NOT fall in love with them after watching their movies as kids!

    Stay fab,

  3. I love them too!
    Started loving them after Full house :D

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  4. Lovely post! Love the Olsens<3