Monday, May 06, 2013

when dream came true....

we always have our own dreams, we long to see the dreams come true. how will it be when the dream come true?

just like Katy Perry, she is a typical American dreamer. after i watched her documentary "Katy Perry: Part of Me", i realize that it is far more difficult to keep your things well. it is hard to be strong and energetic all the time. i am not a super fans of Katy but i true think she is so talented.  this is not only because of her amazing performances. the true is she got her passion on everything. it is so inspired me that she always think in good way. she is a princess in fairy tales. she let me know what passion is. most of the people think that she became a pop famous artist overnight. if you study more on her, you will find that she is such a hard-working girl. she went through so much to be success.

I realize that i should not look back to the past, i should move on. i should learn from the past, and keep on moving on!

xoxo p.

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  1. great pics )
    love it so much )

    Angela Donava