Friday, December 21, 2012

jeans jeans jeans!

From top to bottom, left to right:
UNIQLO black jeans, UNIQLO navy blue jeans, ZARA bleach blue jeans, Cheap Monday Khaki jeans
Cheap Monday Green, Dyed black and Camel bleach jeans 

i like wearing jeans. this is a basic mix and match. i got different colours, different style of jeans. i like to wear Cheap Monday and UNIQLO jeans. they are cheap and comfortable. if you are finding a casual jeans for going school, UNIQLO is the best choice! the price is cheap, and many choices on colour. i like to wear the black UNIQLO jeans, this can make your legs thinner and longer. this is the experience told me.if you are finding a stylish jeans, Cheap Monday is your best choice. There are loads of colour choices, and dyeing.
colour is an other considering. i like to wear blue and black jeans, it's easy to mix with any tops such as tees, shirts, sweater etc. i like to wear a wool sweater or cardigan, black jeans, and a pair of ankle boots. besides, i think that striped tees and camel colour jeans match very well. and also, i do some research on jeans mix & match.

我喜歡穿著牛仔褲,這是最簡單的配搭。我擁有不同顏色不同風格的牛仔褲。UNIQLO 跟Cheap Monday 是我的首選,他們既平又舒服又夠skinny。如果你想找一條causal 的例如上學時穿著,你可以選擇UNIQLO,他們的牛仔褲又平又多選擇。他們的黑色skinny jeans 令你的腿部特別修長又舒服。如果你是要找一條型格的,Cheap Monday 就是不二之選,他們提供大量顏色跟特別的洗水效果。
顏色亦是其中一個巧慮; 我喜歡穿著黑色或是藍色牛仔褲,可以容易、隨意地配搭任何的上衣例如tees、襯衫、毛衣等。我喜歡穿上一件毛衣或是cardigan,配上黑色牛仔褲再加一對ankle boots。另外,我發現間條tee 跟杏色的牛仔褲是絕配! 

xoxo p.

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