Friday, December 21, 2012

my style icon, Alexa Chung

there are loads of style icons, for me, Alaxa Chung is one of my favourite and practical one.i like the way she wears, she can wear any thing in her own style even an elegant chanel dress , she can wear it like a tee shirt. she got a formula on style, she likes to wear simple design dress. and one of a main element is those legs. her legs are perfect, no one can compare with her. she's not really tall but her legs.... OMG! they are flawless. if i got those legs, maybe i can be her also, haha. besides, her boylish style inspires me a lot. everyone can "copy", i use this because you can just take any clothes from her into you, even a boy. this is the reason why i like her so much! it's really hard to explain how i like her, and her style in just a few words. it's much better to share photos to you all!

這個時代實在有太多style icon, Alexa Chung 是我其中一位最愛、最實用的一位。我喜歡她穿任何的衣服都能穿出自己的風格,就算是一條華麗的Chanel 都能穿得像tee 一樣。她有她自己的一條公式,她多數都穿一些設計簡單,不會太花巧。另外一樣很重要的是,一雙腿,她雙腿簡直是完美,沒有一個人能及得上她。雖則她算不上是個子高,但雙腿就真是不得之了! 如果我有那雙腿的話,可能我都能成為她,哈! 還有的是,她的男孩打扮啟發了我很多。每個人都可以「複製」,我用這個詞語是因為你可以隨便拿一件她的衣服給自己,就算是男生。這是其中一些我喜歡她的原因。我真的很難用上幾句文字去解釋我為何喜歡她、她的風格,還是送上圖片比較好!

xoxo p.