Friday, December 21, 2012

the iconic Blair Waldorf

i just can't forget Blair Waldorf, she is the most beautiful bitch in this world. i watched the last episode second time yesterday. it was the best i ever watch in gossip girl. Blair is an icon for me. there are 3 dresses i can't forget in my life time. First one, absolutely, the Vera Wang wedding dress, this is the most wondeful wedding dress i ever seen, apart from the Westwood that Carrie dressed in Sex and the City. it was a fairy tale for everyone, Blair wears this dress perfectly, like a princess.

Blair Waldorf 是最美麗的,我完全不能去忘記。昨晚,我又看了一次最後一集的GG了(哈)。Blair在我心目中已經是icon的位置了,當中有三件我一生都不能忘記的衣裳。第一件,當然是Vera Wang的那件婚紗,最完美的一件,Carrie 在Sex and the City的那件Westwood 例外。B將這條Vera Wang 演繹的完美無暇,活像童話裡的公主。

Second one, it's the Oscar de la Renta dress that Blair dressed in Paris. this is not only because the beautiful red dress. this is totally due to the mood, the romance. i think the scene that Blair says goodbye to Chuck is the most unforgettable in gossip girl. okay, i admit that i cried for this.

第二是B在巴黎的那件Oscar de la Renta 的Haute Couture,這不是完全因為它是多麼漂亮,還有那種氣氛跟浪漫。我想B 忍心跟Chuck 道別的那場戲是所有GG fans 一生的不能忘記。我承認我有哭過......

Last one, the Elie Saab dress. i dunno why i love this so much, maybe it's all because of Blair Waldorf. she wore this flawlessly.

最後是這條Elie Saab 長裙,我很難去解釋我為何這麼喜歡。可能是因為她是Blair Waldorf,哈!

xoxo p.

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