Wednesday, December 19, 2012

this is the new start

hello, everyone! do you still remember us(JAMOLLY)? this is a brand new start here. we, paco and isaac, here to present you, “Blue Jeans & White Shirt”.Why we named it? Blue jeans and white shirt, this is a perfect match, right? the iconic star, James Dean performs this perfectly. blue jeans and white shirt present the eternity of fashion. that’s why we pick this for the name of our blog, the eternity in fashion.
in this blog, we gotta show you all about our favourite picks, ideas of fashion and so on. Hope you all would enjoy!!!

還記得我們嗎?繼JAMOLLY之後,我們開始了一個新嘗試-“Blue Jeans & White Shirt"。先說名字的由來,靈感是來自經典巨星James Dean對白恤衫與藍色牛仔褲的完美演繹,令其昇華為一種永恆的時尚。這正正與我們的理念不謀而合---永恆的時尚,所以我們便選擇了Blue Jeans & White Shirt作我們網頁的名字啦。
關於“Blue Jeans & White Shirt"的內容:我們希望與大家分享我們喜愛的一切及關於時裝的想法。希望大家喜歡!!

xoxo p&i

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