Friday, April 12, 2013

you gotta be short

in this summer, men's shorts must become the hottest item. we could see lots of different show, men's shorts design becomes shorter and shorts. and also, we could see more colour than before.
i am wondering how people think of men wearing shorts. i like to wear shorts in summer because i cannot stand in heat. and also, shorts are really easy to match with anything. for me, i like to wear with a short sleeve shirt, a pair of oxford shoes or Chelsea boots. it's easy to make you smart and fashionable.


不知道你們對男式短褲有什麼想法?我很喜歡在夏天穿著短褲。其實短褲都算是一種配搭上沒有難度的東西,對我來說,我喜歡穿上短袖襯衫加上一雙牛津鞋或是卻爾喜靴(Chelsea boots)。簡單容易就能令你看上去又精神又師!

carven is definitely one of the hottest brand nowadays. i like how Guillaume Henry brings the new influence to carven. he put a pair of a very sporty shorts on a formal shirt. it is quite interesting. and he used polyester to make the shorts, they are shiny and soft. besides, he put on he hit pastel colour and print on the pants. boy is gonna be hot in this summer!

Christopher Kane
he is my all time favorite designer, i like the sense of his fashion. he always has a unique and unexpected ideas. in this season SS 2013, i think this is kind of worker-look, a printed graffiti tee and a very short pants (seems like a boxer shorts). i think the key item must be the sandals, simple and chic. 

Jil Sander
the wide short pants are always be the best choice of all boys who wants to look fashionable. but sorry, this is not easy to wear. first of all, u need to be very tall. unless, u will look like a dumb. and also, u need a pair of very thin legs. 

Moncler Gamme Bleu 
a very British style, the slim cutting short pants mix with suit. this is always be right. 

Raf Simons
there is no more boundary in men's fashion. Raf Simons puts the mid-thigh with some slit-detailing cut short pants on men's legs. he always has the biggest mind than others. i know this is quite hard to wear those short pants. but why not to give a try on them. 

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