Wednesday, March 27, 2013

top 10 you should listen before you die music list

music is my second life, i cannot live without music. music is the most important thing to me in every morning. music gives me energy, she wakes me up from the dreams. these few days, i started to sort up my iTunes. i found that there are so many incredible album that you can listen for the whole life! today, i am here to introduce you all! and i sum up the top 10 you should listen before you die music list.

1. Faye Wong "Di-Dar"

i think you should listen if you are Hong-Konger. this album is a perfect Canton-pop album. the arrangement of music, the performance of Faye are perfection. this is the model of Canton-pop album in the future.

2. Mariah Carey "#1"
i am not a big fans of Mariah Carey. but i cannot deny this is a definitely fantastic classical album. she collected her best music in the decade. she is the only one in the history, all the billboard number 1 songs in the best collaborate album.

3. The Hampdens "The Last Party"
they are the best band i ever heard. they are the most famous one but they are the most beautiful one. this album is like a poem, the poem of teenage. they sing the sadness in high school time. i don't know how to explain this. all you need to just listen it!

4. Madonna "Ray of Light"

she always hit herself. she breakthrough again and again in music. this is the first time, she told us she was not only a dancer, a singer, she is a real artist. she combine the dance, electric, and rock music perfectly (in a gentle way). i think this is not only about the music, this is all about the spirit, the soul and the art of music! Oops! Madonna, you did it again and again.

5.Coldplay "Parachutes"
okay, one sentence: "they were all yellow."

6. Adele "19"
this is the first time we met her. we know that she will be the greatest. and i will always remember the best 19 in 2008 winter. i love this because this is the real Adele.

7. Cheer Chen "還是會寂寞" (Lonely, Still)
this is the best of her, and the most weird Cheer Chen.

8. Avril Lavigne "Under My Skin"
do you still remember the time you crazy for her? i love this album because i can listen the real Avril Lavigne, it is from her truly heart. she touches us with her truly voice, and deep feelings.

9. Celine Dion "The Essential"
no need to say much about this. if you are an resident in the earth, you must listen to her.

10. Hikaru Utada "Single Collection, Vol. 1"
first love, forever and always...

and others...

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