Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TV Series Viva, GIRLS

first of all, i want to thank you my friend, Jimmy. he did a beautiful blog title picture for me, and i love it so much!

since the day i quitted my job, i am a free man! it feels like i become a full time blogger (with no income. oh! this sucks). i almost spend all the time to watch the TV series every day. i finished watching the Korean series, Big, it is good. but i am not very used to watch Korean series. so i back to my favourite American series. since the Gossip Girl ended, i can't find a series that better than "her".

yesterday, i browsed the internet and tried to find any interesting series. Then i found this, the "GIRLS". 
you know HBO always have good series, Sex and the City, True Blood and so on. this is a series about four different girls with different background, and they need to face different problems such as careers, love affairs, dreams etc. it sounds like really old story. but the leading actor and the creator, Lena Dunham, she has a unique angle to tell the teenage story. as she (Hannah) said to her parents in the series, she was the voice of teenage.

i love this series because she uses a humorous way to tell a serious story. and i love all the girls in this series, their performances are so good although they are not pretty and sexy, haha.

i highly recommend this series to you guys! and this will not take much time because there are only 30 mins in every episode. 

xoxo p.

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